Bike Shops Chicago – Top 10 for 2014

Posted on Jul 16, 2014 in Top 10 Recreation Bike Shops Chicago – Top 10 for 2014

Barnard’s Schwinn – Oak Park

Barnard’s Schwinn is one of the coolest bike shops Chicago offers – and it is technically not even in Chicago! As expected, their service shop is on top of it all. You can bring your bike in for repairs and you will leave knowing that you were in the best hands. One of the biggest attractions of this shop is their selection of refurbished classic pedalers. You get the classic design that is full of character, and as an added bonus it will function just well as a brand new bicycle. Banana seat bicycles will never go out of style – they seem to be rare these days, but Barnard’s Schwinn makes them appear plentiful. For any need – from repairs to new bikes, or one of the best refurbished classics around – Barnard’s is calling your name.

6109 W North Ave
Oak Park, IL 60302
(708) 524-2660

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Barnard’s Schwinn Ltd.
6109 W. North Avenue
Oak Park, Illinois 60302

Phone (708) 524-2660
Fax (708) 524-2682

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Established 1911

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Barnard's Schwinn