Betting Guide for Cycling

Online Betting Guide for Beginners

Are you an eager cycling fan? Do you follow the latest news and info on competitions and cycling events? If so, do you know that you can make money from betting on cycling? And our betting guide will help you a lot if you are new to it.

Often, beginners cannot find their way around the whole online world, which is where a betting guide can come in pretty handy. So, as a beginner, you can benefit from keeping on reading our guide for betting because we know how it is to be a beginner at anything, and betting can be pretty challenging. So, keep on reading, as this is the only cycling betting guide you’ll ever need.

Main Cycling Events To Bet On

If you want to bet on cycling, the first of the many helpful tips we’ll give you are the cycling events that you should bet on. There are many cycling events and competitions, but some (especially the more popular ones) are much easier to follow. With numerous info on the athletes, the advantages in the sport and in general, the event, we know that it can be hard to find the events to start with. So, instead of doing it the hard way, you can always safely bet on events that are popular on an international level. We’ve done the research for you, and we present to you the top 3 choices of cycling events that you can bet on:

The Giro d’Italia

This is one of the most popular cycling events that any cycling betting guide will point you towards. It has numerous betting opportunities, and although it seems frenetic with the 21 separate stages, it is great for learning how to bet properly.

Tour De France

The Tour de France is probably the most famous of the Grand Tours. Just like Giro d’Italia, it features 21 stages, and it has a cycling distance of 3000 miles. As such, it is the most famous events, and it is a fun event for both regularly watching and sports betting. You can place your real money bets on Tour de France directly from your mobile device at MrGreen casino, which is one of the most respected UK online casinos. Read the full review for MrGreen Casino at and get free sign-up bonus.

La Vuelta an Espana

Most of the bookmakers offer updated odds for this Tour, as it is also one of the really famous ones in the world. It takes place during August and September, and it is a great opportunity for winning some real money prizes from an incredible race.

Basic Rules & Strategies Tips

Any betting guide will tell you that you need a strong betting strategy if you want to win money from betting on cycling. However, building your strategy is as building a LEGO-house. You might fail a few times, but it is important to have your mind set on the bigger picture and see on the long run. So, the most important thing that we can tell you is that there aren’t surefire bets, and you should always have patience.

Another important thing about betting on cycling is that you should do a lot of research. You should know the conditions in which all athletes are, and even if you know some athlete is good, you should have the competition into consideration as well.

Don’t forget to note the weather conditions, as they play a huge role in cycling competitions too. So, do your research on the weather too.

Another really important part of cycling betting is reading cycling tips from professionals. Don’t trust anyone, but we’d suggest following cycling blogs and expert bettors who have experience and hear their opinion.

Last but not least, don’t forget to find the best odds for you. Different sports books and online casinos might offer different odds, so do your research in order to avoid losing out on potential profit. Simply compare the betting odds and ensure you are taking the best price.

Recommended Betting Sites: Current Offers And Bonuses

The last advice we can give you on our guide for betting is to find the best online platform. Betting at online websites is convenient, but there are many platforms to choose from – and the best option for you are legal online casino websites for sports betting. Besides being convenient, legal online casinos offer a lot of no deposit bonuses. These no deposit casino bonuses have many benefits, but the most important benefit of such casino bonuses is that you get to do sport betting for free while winning real money. Also, even if you don’t win a lot of money, you have a chance to improve your strategy for free using this casino bonus. Here are the best online casino and sport betting websites you should consider visiting:

  1. BetWay
  2. 22Bet
  3. Spin Sports
  4. Bet365
  5. BetVictor